SYDNEY, June 26 (Reuters) - U.S. corn futures edged higher on Friday, rebounding from a six-week low hit in the previous session, though expectations of ample supplies and depressed demand pushed the grain towards weekly losses of more than 4%.

Road bitumen consumption is the best indicator of the situation in the road construction sector. In 2017-2019, there were registered record volumes of supplies for all the years of independence — an average of about 650 thousand tons per year. While the previous peak was in 2011, when the country was preparing for Euro 2012. But 2020 can see a new historical record — up to 900 thousand tons of bitumen. However, in the context of recent events, such scenario is becoming less possible.

LAUNCESTON, Australia, June 6 (Reuters) - Having been surprised by Saudi Arabia announcing a unilateral 1 million barrels per day cut in oil output for July, oil refiners got more bad news when Saudi Aramco (2222.SE) informed Asian customers that prices for July-loading cargoes were going up.

The IPCC has released a report stating that only " broad and radical changes” in the global economy can prevent a climate disaster. "If you want to slow down global warming to one and a half degrees, the net carbon dioxide emissions globally should be reduced to zero by 2050," said UN expert Valerie Masson-Delmotte. This is the most important conclusion of the document”.