LPG - Liquefied petroleum gas represents a mixture of liquefied light hydrocarbons with a boiling point ranging from -50oC to 0oC. The composition may vary significantly, major components are propane, propylene, isobutane, isobutylene, n-butane and butylene.

It is produced mainly from associated petroleum gas. It is used as fuel for motor vehicles, for heating and household needs (cooking, boiling water,it is also used in lighters), as well as for petrochemical processing.

Rhinestone Trading's vast experience in international logistics is our competitive advantage and helps us to provide customers with high-quality service related to timely delivery of LPG. We operate our own fleet of gas carriers, and we also have our own European narrow-gauge sets of cars. Thanks to a long history of relationships with key refineries, we have been strengthening market relations between manufacturers and end users.

The Rhinestone Trading Group operates in the markets of Ukraine, Turkey, Romania, Georgia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Hungary, other European countries and beyond.