Bitumen is a widely used and well-known engineering and construction hydrophobic material. The world reserves of natural bitumen amount to about 580 bln tons, while the production - 115 mln. tons.

Bitumen density is 0.95-1.50 g/cm3. The porosity is almost zero, that is why it is waterproof and frost-resistant - this property has offered an opportunity of its application for waterproofing and construction. The ignition flash point of bitumen is 220-240°C, and a self-ignition temperature of 368°C.

Bitumen is used in various fields:

  • for waterproofing in the roads, buildings and structures construction and pipelines laying;
  • for the asphalt concrete production;
  • for the manufacture of roofing materials;
  • in the paint and varnish and cable industry;
  • for sealing battery compounds, etc.

Bitumen has the following disadvantages when used in road construction sector:

  • high thermal sensitivity (softening at high temperatures and brittleness at low temperatures);
  • poor mechanical performance and low elasticity;
  • aging (drying out) property

Rhinestone Trading is steadily developing in many industries. Being involved in the construction of roads, we deal with the supply of road bitumen on the territory of Ukraine, Russia and Eastern Europe.

We are convenient to work with. We deliver by road and rail, and use a flexible pricing approach. We work both with large and small customers.

In Ukraine, the main partners whom we supply bitumen are the largest asphalt manufacturers and the major chemical production sites. Among our partners: "Avtomagistral", "Altkom", "RostDorStroy", "Onur Group", "PBS", "Avtostrada".

In Ukrainian market, our Company offers road bitumen manufactured by PAT "Ukrtatnafta", "PKN Orlen", etc.