SYDNEY, June 26 (Reuters) - U.S. corn futures edged higher on Friday, rebounding from a six-week low hit in the previous session, though expectations of ample supplies and depressed demand pushed the grain towards weekly losses of more than 4%.

Road bitumen consumption is the best indicator of the situation in the road construction sector. In 2017-2019, there were registered record volumes of supplies for all the years of independence — an average of about 650 thousand tons per year. While the previous peak was in 2011, when the country was preparing for Euro 2012. But 2020 can see a new historical record — up to 900 thousand tons of bitumen. However, in the context of recent events, such scenario is becoming less possible.

The market value of liquefied petroleum gases (LPG), which are used as automobile fuel, has broken an absolute record at the background of a market shortage and a decrease in supply due to the OPEC+ deal. At the same time, wholesale gasoline prices have been growing sharply in Russia. LPG manufacturers believe that prices are unlikely to last long at the current level, noting that the sharp volatility is caused by the lifting of the quarantine restrictions and by the seasonality usual for this product.

The IPCC has released a report stating that only " broad and radical changes” in the global economy can prevent a climate disaster. "If you want to slow down global warming to one and a half degrees, the net carbon dioxide emissions globally should be reduced to zero by 2050," said UN expert Valerie Masson-Delmotte. This is the most important conclusion of the document”.